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Keep your Eye on your Prize

We are not referring to the old folk song/and or saying, but to companies not paying attention to their most important asset – their sales talent. I’ve encountered two situations in the past month where executives’ at large software companies were clearly following the guidance of Wall Street and not focusing on retaining their sales […]

Lipstick on a Pig

I have found that asking the right questions and focusing on the most important attributes to any opportunity has become increasingly important in the highly active tech job market. It seems that every software company has open Account Executive and Sales Engineering positions, and all of these companies are trying to fish from the same […]

Top 10 Traits of “A” Players

When we get a recruiting assignment from a client, we are very often told “we want an A player!” An “A player” in the enterprise software sales world is typically somebody that routinely exceeds quota and earns over 300k on a regular basis. After being in the recruiting business for over 22 years I’ve had […]

Timing is Everything

As we enter the fall of 2009, we’re beginning to see signs of economic recovery, which, though small, are clear indications that the recession is lifting.  Companies in the United States will respond in different ways to these signs. Some will be proactive, and start to hire sales people before they actually see revenue growth; […]