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Keep your Eye on your Prize

We are not referring to the old folk song/and or saying, but to companies not paying attention to their most important asset – their sales talent. I’ve encountered two situations in the past month where executives’ at large software companies were clearly following the guidance of Wall Street and not focusing on retaining their sales […]

Lipstick on a Pig

I have found that asking the right questions and focusing on the most important attributes to any opportunity has become increasingly important in the highly active tech job market. It seems that every software company has open Account Executive and Sales Engineering positions, and all of these companies are trying to fish from the same […]

2015 Annual Compensation Report

This report received a very strong response when we sent this last year, so we are pleased to provide the revised 2015 annual compensation report.  Last year was an extremely high growth year for the tech market and all signs are pointing to an even better year for 2015.  The small companies that received funding […]

The recruiter who cried “great opportunity”

I’ve been in the recruiting industry a long time – 23 years and counting. In those 23 years, numerous changes and trends have occurred. Some have been very beneficial and some very detrimental. Social media has undeniably had a large impact, and for the most part it has been very positive. But we are beginning […]

Another Tech Bubble?

After spending 23 years in the recruiting industry, I like to think I have a fairly good pulse on the technology market.  I recently saw an article indicating that we are headed for another tech bubble. The writer was basing his prediction on comparing the tech bubble of 2000-2002 to current market conditions.  Most of […]